This program demands you staying in Japan at least 8 years.
“How much you are interested in Japan” or “how strong your will is to study in Japan” are very
important to complete this 8 years program.
Therefore we highly recommend you to consider well in advance of your apply.

Q1: How to become “Kaigo Fukushi shi” (Certified Caregiver) in Japan?

A: You have to graduate from a Japanese caregiver’s training school and
obtain a Japanese “Kaigo Fukushi” (Caregiving) certification.

Q2: If I fail the examination, can’t I become a Certified Caregiver?

A: You can become a Certified Caregiver if you completed a mandatory
5 year of working in a Japanese caregiving facility, even though you fail the examination.

Q3: I don’t want to take Caregiving Board Examinations because I have heard that it is difficult.

A: You have to take Caregiving Board Examination every year. This is required to fulfil the condition of Certified Caregiver and it is important to take the exam every year. If you keep taking the exam, you are able to obtain a Japanese “Kaigo Fukushi” (Caregiving) certification even if you fail the exam.

Q4: Should I owe the exam fee every year?

A: No. The examination fee is covered by a sponsor facility and candidates
do not need to pay anything.

Q5: Can I live in anywhere in Japan after the 8 year program?

A: Yes, you can live in anywhere in Japan after you complete the 8 year

Q6: I don’t have money to move to Japan.

A: Air Fare to Okinawa, Japan is covered by our program. You don’t need
to gather enormous money to move to Japan. What you owe is “Transportation fee in Philippine” and “VISA/Passport taking Fee” or so on.