Study and Work in OKINAWA, Japanese Resort Islands


Study and Work in OKINAWA, Japanese Resort Islands

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Newly Installed “KAIGO VISA”

        It is great to announce you that “KAIGO VISA”, Caregiver Residence VISA, has been installed recently in Japan.
This VISA shall be provided to “Kaigo Fukushi Shi” Certificated Caregivers in Japan.
        Those who are eligible for this category is those who have graduated from a Japanese caregivers training school, and obtained a Japanese “Kaigo Fukushi” (Caregiving) certification or completed a mandatory 5 year of working in a Japanese caregiving facility.
        During this 5 years candidate are required to take a Japanese Government Caregiving Board Examination every year.
The examination fee is covered by a sponsor facility and candidates do not need to pay anything.

        Under the new scheme, even though they fail in the Board Examination, they can still retain their “Kaigo” resident status as long as they fulfill the aforementioned condition.
Upon finishing this entire program (8 years in total), they have options to continue working in the same caregiving facility in Okinawa, to transfer to another caregiving facility in other parts of Japan, or to return to the Philippines.

        Those who returned to the Philippines are available to come back to and work in Japan as caregivers under “Kaigo” visa/status.
Those who wish to remain in Japan, their “Kaigo” status can be renewed at multiple times so long as their stay poses no issues.
Also their spouse and kids can join them as “their immediate family members”.



Applicant must be foreign nationals who are:
1. At least 18 years old and under 35 years old when you apply
2. Completed 12 years of school education
(ex. 10 years compulsory education + 2 years education in University)
3. N5 or equivalent level of Japanese language skill

This program demands you staying in Japan at least 8 years.
“How much you are interested in Japan” or “how strong your will is to study in Japan” are very
important to complete this 8 years program.
Therefore we highly recommend you to consider well in advance of your apply.