The second batch of 16 fresh trainees under OCP (Okinawa Caregivers Program) arrived in Okinawa on March 26

The second batch of 16 fresh trainees under OCP (Okinawa Caregivers Program) arrived in Okinawa on March 26, 2019.  Prior to coming to Japan these 16 trainees went through 150 hours of basic Nihongo (Japanese language) learning in Manila after selected in the interview.  Upon arrival in Okinawa they all greeted in Nihongo at the welcome ceremony.       Their Nihongo classes in Okinawa started on April 1. After completing the Nihongo course, they are  expected to enter a caregiving training college in April 2020,       The application for the third batch is already open to all …

Application Now Open for the Second Batch Candidates Application and Interviews of the First Batch Closed

The interviews of the applicants for the first bath were conducted in Manila in July. 6 applicants came to the interview and orientation session. All participated in the orientation followed by the individual interview. 5 candidates have been selected as the members of the first batch for the Program.   These 5 candidates are currently learning the Japanese language (Nihongo) at a Japanese language school in Manila, in preparation for their enrollment in a Japanese Language School in Okinawa Japan that will starts in October this year. The application process for the second batch starts on August 6 and interviews are scheduled to take place in mid-October this year(2018). Those candidates who successfully pass the selection process are expected to start their study in Japan in April next year (2019). Applicants should fill the application form and enter “Apply”. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We recomment you read our Q & A page, before making an iquiry. This special opportunity is offered to you. Let’s learn Nihongo (the Japanese language) and Caregiving in Okinawa, an attractive subtropical resort in Japan! We are pleased to support your life here. WELCOME to OKINAWA!!